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Tomorrow! (About Our Venue)

Our inaugural reading event is tomorrow night, 4.29.14, from 7-9 PM, at Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios. Admission is free. We will be featuring writer Elva Maxine Beach and poet Stefene Russell (and we can barely contain our excitement over here).

Stone Spiral is located at 2500 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood, MO–two blocks north of Manchester. They serve food in addition to the delicious range of coffeehouse beverages, including beer and wine. You should come to feast upon the literary magic of the evening, but you could come early for supper or linger over a glass of wine or lemon ginger tea, too.

See you there.

Maxine Beach’s “Can I Get a Hallelujah?”

Maxine Beach’s “Can I Get a Hallelujah?”

Check out Maxine Beach’s story “Can I Get a Hallelujah?” here, and come listen to what she’s been working on next week–Tuesday, 4.29.14, from 7-9 PM at Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios, 2500 Sutton, Maplewood, MO, with poet Stef Russell.