That’s All for Now

After two and a half seasons, we’re–that is, I am–taking a break. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been at it for long, but we’ve brought you Stefene Russell, Elva Maxine Beach, Eve Jones, Dawn Dupler, Billy Foster, Fred Venturini, Jason Braun, Travis Mossotti, Justin Phillip Reed, Jazzy Danziger, Angela Hamilton, Leigh Kolb, Ben Moeller-GaaBrigitte LeschhornCheeraz Gormon, Ron A. Austin, Kelli Allen, Michaella A. Thornton, Steven D. Schroeder, Nicky Rainey, Christopher Alex Chable, Mark Shaw, Dwight Bitikofer, Daniel J. Musgrave, Melissa Singleton, Angela Mitchell, JR Tappenden, Bryan Castille, Lizzy Petersen, Ryan Krull, and Jennifer Goldring. That is enough to make me proud for many more turns of the calendar.

I am grateful the Regional Arts Commission gave me the opportunity three years ago to go out to Seattle and learn what other reading organizers were up to so that I could come home and try something new. And, it was wonderful. I have loved bringing members of the literary community together, watching those connections develop and strengthen, while the public enjoyed fantastic evenings of prose and poetry.

I am also grateful for Doug Kassabaum and Grace Wilson of Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios support all these years. I couldn’t have done this without them.

Thanks also to my family and friends who supported me, whether it was looking after my daughter or attending or spreading the word, and my dreams of creating a space–however, ephemeral–that enriches all who inhabit it.

See you around town, as we continue to support St. Louis’s excellent writers, poets, venues, magazines, and bookstores.

Warmest wishes,


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