Meet the Readers (November Edition)

We’re excited for what 11/18’s reading event will bring, featuring two of Illinois’s finest:

Fred Venturini

He lives in Southern Illinois with his wife, Krissy, and their precocious two-year-old, Noelle. His first novel, The Heart Does Not Grow Back, is forthcoming from Picador in fall 2014.

Jason Braun

“Jason Braun currently teaches English at Western Illinois University. He’s the director of the Online Writing Center at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He hosts “Literature for the Halibut” a weekly hour-long literary program on KDHX 88.1.

He has published fiction, poetry, reported or been featured in The Riverfont Times, Prime Number,, Big Bridge, The Evergreen Review, SOFTBLOW, The Nashville City Paper, Eunoia Review,Star*Line, Mobius, Camel Saloon, Front Porch Review, Jane Freidman’s blog, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many more.”

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